Open-Id Connect (OIDC) Liferay portal specific classes
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Changelog for "oidc-library-portal"


The UmaJWTProvider has been removed from authroization-common-client and new provider from that library (AccessTokenProvider) is used to transport the access-token only to the client library


Extracted the UMA issuing code for logged user from the Valve in the threadlocal-vars-cleaner project to be used also after the login process for UMA issue in the context, since the Valve has already finished its work at that moment. (#20591)


  • New context roles mapper that not rely on User or Groups objects but in their ID as strings. New revised version of the cache proxy with mutex and session id used in place of session object, logs revised and scheduled log added that dumps cache contents. Marked as deprecated all utils methods for session objects get/set. (#20445)


  • Added configuration for avatar URL (#19726)