Open-Id Connect (OIDC) common classes
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OIDC Library

OIDC Library provides the basic common classes for OpenId Connect (OIDC) integration and some helper abstract functions for the gCube framework integration

Structure of the project

The source code is present in src folder.

Built With


To build the library JAR it is sufficient to type

mvn clean install

Change log

See Releases.


How to Cite this Software

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This project is licensed under the EUPL V.1.1 License - see the file for details.

About the gCube Framework

This software is part of the gCubeFramework: an open-source software toolkit used for building and operating Hybrid Data Infrastructures enabling the dynamic deployment of Virtual Research Environments by favouring the realisation of reuse oriented policies.

The projects leading to this software have received funding from a series of European Union programmes see


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