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A parent pom for all the gCube artifacts.


  • Java 8 (target and source) unless otherwise specified inside the pom
  • OpenJDK as target Java VM.
  • Maven 3.3.9+
  •, and are present in the baseDir of each Maven module
  • must declare a tag [v+Pom version] (e.g. [v1.0.0])

Build Profiles

The build profiles are separated in three main branches: developer, staging, releases. Each branch has a set of profile based on the idk. The developer branch contains the profiles related to the snapshot build:

  • gcore-legacy jdk7
  • gcube-legacy - jdk8
  • gcube-official -jdk11
  • gcube-experimental - jdk17

In the same way are organised the other branch profiles related to the staging (integration) phase and to the release phase.

In addition there are a set of common profiles useful in order to avoid replication of plugins and rules definitions:

  • common-snapshot
  • common-release
  • dry-run
  • disable-java8-doclint
  • set-local-classpath
  • generate-distribution-packages

Below the descriptions of the most used profiles by gCube components:


This profile defines the common plugin used by all the snapshot profiles


This profile defines the common plugin used by all the staging and release profiles


  • Dependencies resolved against local, gcube-snapshots and gcube-releases
  • Snapshot artifacts installed to local
  • Snapshot artifacts deployed to gcube-snapshots
  • Deployments of releases artifacts are not permitted


  • Dependencies resolved against local-staging, gcube-jenkins-staging, gcube-staging and gcube-releases
  • Release/snapshot artifacts installed to local-staging
  • Release/snapshot artifacts deployed to gcube-jenkins-staging


  • Dependencies resolved against local-releases, gcube-releases, gcube-jenkins-staging and gcube staging
  • Release artifacts installed to local-releases
  • Deployments of snapshot artifacts are not permitted
  • Release artifacts deployed to gcube-releases


This profile disables the deployment of the artifacts.


This profile sets an additional parameter for javadoc generation to disables the doclint. It avoids the build fails if formal/syntax errors are found in javadoc comments.


This profile set a generic folder that will be added to the classpath