The gCube Data Catalog Portlet powered by CKAN
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gCube D4Science Data Catalog

The "gCube Data Catalogue" or "Catalogue" is a system that provides facilities for: a) (meta)data publishing and management based on roles; b) vres' products publishing; c) making data products publicly available; d) enriching products of metadata to maximise their potential reuse and making them searchable (via title, tags etc) are based on the CKAN technology. The Catalogue application allows to show all the metadata available in the CKAN instance, as well as publish a new product, retrieve the list of organizations (i.e. Virtual Research Environments) to which the user belongs and his/her already published products. Moreover, the "Catalgoue" application (via configuration) provides moderation of its content enabling the user/s with the Moderator role to approve/reject the products under review.

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Related Components

and others. You can discovery all dependencies via dependency hierarchy (e.g. use dependency:tree)


SoBigData Catalogue

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SoBigData Catalogue

Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Catalogue

see at Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Catalogue

Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Catalogue


You can find the D4Science Catalogue documentation at GCat Background Wiki Page

Technical note (ITA) D4Science_Catalogue_Service

Change log

See the Releases



This project is licensed under the EUPL V.1.1 License - see the file for details.

About the gCube Framework

This software is part of the gCubeFramework: an open-source software toolkit used for building and operating Hybrid Data Infrastructures enabling the dynamic deployment of Virtual Research Environments by favouring the realisation of reuse oriented policies.

The projects leading to this software have received funding from a series of European Union programmes including:

  • the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
    • DILIGENT (grant no. 004260).
  • the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration
    • D4Science (grant no. 212488);
    • D4Science-II (grant no.239019);
    • ENVRI (grant no. 283465);
    • EUBrazilOpenBio (grant no. 288754);
    • iMarine(grant no. 283644).
  • the H2020 research and innovation programme
    • BlueBRIDGE (grant no. 675680);
    • EGIEngage (grant no. 654142);
    • ENVRIplus (grant no. 654182);
    • PARTHENOS (grant no. 654119);
    • SoBigData (grant no. 654024);
    • DESIRA (grant no. 818194);
    • ARIADNEplus (grant no. 823914);
    • RISIS2 (grant no. 824091);
    • PerformFish (grant no. 727610);
    • AGINFRAplus (grant no. 731001).