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D4Science Keycloak Themes


This repo is now obsolete/unmantained and its base code and all D4Science's GW themes are now available into the keycloak-d4science-spi-parent/keycloak-d4science-theme repo. In this new repo, themes can now be built as JAR, by using the included maven script, for an easier deployment.

D4Science Keycloak Themes repository collects the implementations of base D4Science theme and a set of specific per gateway themes implementations.

Each Keycloak theme is made of a set of Freemarker templates.

Structure of the project

The source code is present in src folder. The themes are in src/themes subfolder. The src/utils subfolder contains some utility test scripts to create Keycloak clients that uses a specific theme.

Built With

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For details see Theme section of Keycloak developer docs.

As specified in Deploying Themes section of the documentation, themes can be deployed to Keycloak by copying the theme directory to themes or it can be deployed as an archive.

In a future release of this project, when themes have been fully tested, a script to build a themes archive will be developed. Currently, in order to deploy themes in a Keycloak instance, the first approach is applied.

During the development phase, themes caching in Keycloak configuration file has to be disabled. To do this edit standalone.xml. For theme set staticMaxAge to -1 and both cacheTemplates and cacheThemes to false.

At this point it is suggested to clone this repo somewhere and create a symbolic link for each theme you want to deploy:

mkdir /opt/git
cd /opt/git
git clone

cd /opt/keycloak/themes
ln -s /opt/git/d4science-keycloak-themes/src/themes/d4science/ 
ln -s /opt/git/d4science-keycloak-themes/src/themes/
ln -s /opt/git/d4science-keycloak-themes/src/themes/

If you are already logged-in in Keycloak administration console you have to logout and then re-login. At that you can set one of the new themes per Keycloak Realm or for a specific Keycloak Client in the realm.

Change log

See Releases.



This project is licensed under the EUPL V.1.1 License - see the file for details.

About the gCube Framework

This software is part of the gCubeFramework: an open-source software toolkit used for building and operating Hybrid Data Infrastructures enabling the dynamic deployment of Virtual Research Environments by favouring the realisation of reuse oriented policies.

The projects leading to this software have received funding from a series of European Union programmes including:

  • the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
    • DILIGENT (grant no. 004260);
  • the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration
    • D4Science (grant no. 212488), D4Science-II (grant no.239019), ENVRI (grant no. 283465), EUBrazilOpenBio (grant no. 288754), iMarine(grant no. 283644);
  • the H2020 research and innovation programme
    • BlueBRIDGE (grant no. 675680), EGIEngage (grant no. 654142), ENVRIplus (grant no. 654182), Parthenos (grant no. 654119), SoBigData (grant no. 654024),DESIRA (grant no. 818194), ARIADNEplus (grant no. 823914), RISIS2 (grant no. 824091), PerformFish (grant no. 727610), AGINFRAplus (grant no. 731001);