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Release Notes for gCube 5.0.1

maven-parent 1.1.0

Tagged commit: 8a77d953ab3460ec871ff06da53e6af06c748df0

  • 2020-01-27


  • New build profiles to support CI/CD
  • Enforcement for:
    • Java 8 (target and source)
    • OpenJDK as target Java VM.
    • Maven 3.3.9+

oidc-enrollment-hook 1.1.3

Tagged commit: bb43178b29cc5bb8a2eb1824c90e2976b568dce9

  • Now user reconciliation/identification from OIDC token after the login is performed no more checking by using the email address but by using the User's username, the Liferay . (#20827) (#20840)

login-hook 1.5.0

Tagged commit: 6296d890dd3c75e1486eac8e91f326816a9e5060

  • 2021-02-25

  • Ported to git

  • Disabled the possibility to login via Liferay. Shows a Button pointing to keycloak login if a user is redirected there by old pages.

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