A pipeline that walks through the gCubeSystem repositories and performs some configurable actions.
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Starting from a list of git projects and a Bash fragment, for each project, this Jenkins pipeline:

  • clone the git repository
  • execs the Bash fragment in the root folder of the repository
  • pushes back the repository using git.gcube as author.



  • Git Root: The URL of the parent organization that includes all the listed repositories.
  • List of Repositories: A plain text file, one line for each Git repository name to update.
  • Action Root: The root URL of the Bash fragment to execute.
  • Action File: The relative path under the Action Root of a Bash script

How Does It Work

The pipeline:

  1. clones one repository at the time from Git Root/Repo Name (from the list)
  2. downloads the action file from Action Root/Action File in the root folder of the repository
  3. runs the action file using the root folder of the repository as working dir
  4. pushes the repository back to Gitea

Every change to the Git repository MUST be done by the action file. The pipeline is in charge only to push the repository to the remote origin.

Sample Usage

List of Repositories


Action File

The following fragment downloads a file named LICENSE.md and adds it to the repository (if it does not exist):

#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [[ ! -f LICENSE.md ]]; then
    curl <my URL>/LICENSE.md -o LICENSE.md
    git add LICENSE.md
    git commit -m "Add LICENSE.md."


Wiki doc


This project is licensed under the EUPL V.1.1 License.