Templates for other git projects.
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This project includes few templates for common files expected to be part of any gCube component holds in a Git repositoryu.

List of available templates:

    • Keep track of changes.
  • README.md
    • Your Git repo should have a readme file so that viewers know what your code does and how they can get started using it. The readme displayed by default when a project opens in Git. It must be customized for each project.
  • LICENSE.md
    • The license file. It's common to all the projects. No need to change it.
  • profile.xml
    • It profiles the gCube component. Need to be customized.
  • descriptor.xml
    • It supports the creation of an archive with the binary artifacts generated by the content of the repository. Customizable if needed.

All of them must be placed in the root directory of the Git repository.

We also provide few snippets useful for common tasks during the Maven build:

  • service_archive.xml
    • Execute the maven-assembly-plugin to create the service archive for the component.