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Diamantis Tziotzios 92d9c2cf03 rxjs refactor 5 years ago
Ioannis Kalyvas b8c78e7135 Introduced Facet Search Component On Dataset Public Listing 5 years ago
Ioannis Kalyvas af8991b97a no message 6 years ago
Diamantis Tziotzios ad4af5aa1f cleanup 6 years ago
Nikolaos Laskaris 9f8b4a3cce Initial import of DMP project modules.
1) dmp-backend : spring-hibernate webservice which allows dmp data
storing and fetching from a relational database.
2) dmp-javascript-engine: a simple wrapper for java's nashorn javascript
3) dmp-frontend: an angular based frontend app to serve dynamic
questionnaires to aid the formation of Digital Management Plans
7 years ago