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Konstantina Galouni e30672043b Merge pull request 'Production release February 2024 [CONNECT]' (#34) from develop into master
Reviewed-on: #34
2 weeks ago
claims [angular-16-irish-monitor]: Merge from develop 2 weeks ago
connect Merge develop into angular-16-irish-monitor branch 3 weeks ago
contact-us Contact us: Change class of inputs to flat 8 months ago
dashboard [angular-16-irish-monitor]: Fix overlay in indicators. Fix admin calls for managers/ivnitations. 1 month ago
deposit [develop]: Remove deposit class from deposit first page. 2 weeks ago
error Icon component: Add icon input in order to support Icon configuration. Extend Icon with type and preserveColor (optional). Add material-icons.ts with material icons metadata (icons per category). 6 months ago
fos [develop | DONE | CHANGED]: Show code in Fields of Science (FoS) when fos field is queried in filters, or not, when foslabel field is queried. 2 months ago
landingPages [develop]: Fix showAuthors in modal. 2 weeks ago
login [angular-16-irish-monitor]: Merge from develop 2 weeks ago
monitor [master | DONE | CHANGED] Monitor - Indicators: update fields mapping for filtering to work better for FOS filters - replace previously wrong field 4 weeks ago
monitor-admin [develop]: Fix getURlwithFilters that double encoding the variables. 2 weeks ago
notifications [angular-16-irish-monitor]: Add condition for notification. Fix infinite loop with user-info. 2 months ago
orcid [develop | DONE | FIXED]: orcid-work.component.ts: [Bug fix] Show tooltip when button is disabled & When in beta environment, do not call query to get put codes, always disable buttons and show tooltip about not available feature on beta. 2 weeks ago
reload [angular-16-irish-monitor | DONE | CHANGED] make session redirect urls an array, allow double redirect to fix page and then to current page (when redirected to login) 2 months ago
role-verification [angular-16-irish-monitor]: LoginURL property now suppors mutible URLs. 2 months ago
sdg [angular-16-irish-monitor | WIP]: Add optional extend-theme variables import in all component less files. Add relativeTo in slider tabs 4 months ago
searchPages [develop | DONE | FIXED] Search pages: extra fixes for custom filter 2 weeks ago
services [develop]: Add userInfoUrl variable in user management service. 2 weeks ago
shared [angular-16-irish-monitor] move customFilter.service.ts file to openaireLibrary/shared folder 2 months ago
sharedComponents [angular-16-irish-monitor]: Merge from develop 2 weeks ago
utils [develop]: Fix showAuthors in modal. 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Add gitignore 3 years ago
LICENSE.txt Added LICENSE.txt file 9 months ago
cache-interceptor.service.ts [develop | DONE | CHANGED]: Moved predefined query checks to "fq" field instead of "query" | Updated cachingRequests | Temporary bug fix in refine fields dependent to static refine fields. 4 weeks ago
error-interceptor.service.ts [angular-16-irish-monitor | CHANGED | DONE]: Remove loginURL, logoutURL and userInfoURL properties and add loginServiceURL. 2 months ago
http-interceptor.service.ts Update angular to version 16 7 months ago
timeout-interceptor.service.ts Add sources of number indicators in timeout_whitelist in order to avoid timeout error in these requests. 9 months ago