Role that installs Sonatype Nexus OSS
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Role Name

A role that installs the OSS version of Sonatype Nexus,

Role Variables

The most important variables are listed below:

nexus_behind_nginx: True
nexus_service_port: 8081
nexus_major_version: '2'
#nexus_version: '{{ nexus_major_version }}.28.1'
nexus_version: '{{ nexus_major_version }}.14.19'
nexus_release: '01'
nexus_download_url: '{{ nexus_major_version }}/nexus-{{ nexus_version }}-{{ nexus_release }}-unix.tar.gz'
nexus_install_basedir: /srv/nexus
nexus_webapp_dir: '{{ nexus_install_basedir }}/nexus-oss-webapp'
nexus_data_basedir: /data
nexus_data_dir: '{{ nexus_data_basedir }}/sonatype-work/nexus'
nexus_logdir: '/var/log/nexus'
nexus_accesslog_maxhistory: 20
nexus_wrapper_initmemory: 256
nexus_wrapper_maxmemory: 1024
nexus_wrapper_conf_dir: '{{ nexus_webapp_dir }}/bin/jsw/conf'
nexus_wrapper_logdir: '/var/log/nexus-wrapper'
# MB
nexus_wrapper_diskcache_buffersize: 4096


  • nginx
  • openjdk



Author Information

Andrea Dell'Amico,