Ansible role that installs INCEpTION as a docker stack. INCEpTION is a semantic annotation platform offering intelligent assistance and knowledge management.
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Role Name

A role that installs the INCEpTION semantic annotation platform as Docker stack,

Role Variables

The most important variables are listed below:

inception_project_compose_dir: '/srv/inception_project_stack'
inception_project_docker_stack_name: 'inception-project'
inception_project_docker_service_name: 'inception'
inception_project_docker_image: 'inceptionproject/inception:0.17.3'
inception_project_docker_network: 'inception_project_net'
inception_project_docker_data_node: 'localhost'
# We need a directory because the confg file goes inside it
inception_project_service_volume: '/srv/inception_project_data'
inception_project_service_port: 8080
# IMPORTANT. Set it to True for the server that is going to host the DB
inception_project_service_constraints: 'node.labels.service_data==inception_project'
inception_project_behind_haproxy: True
inception_project_haproxy_public_net: 'haproxy-public'
# Settings
inception_project_server_port: 8080
inception_project_server_address: ''
inception_project_backup_interval: 300
inception_project_backup_keep_number: 10
# In seconds
inception_project_backup_keep_time: 0
inception_project_server_auth_mode: 'database'
inception_project_server_preauth_header: 'remote_user'
inception_project_server_preauth_default_roles: ''
inception_project_server_preauth_users_roles: []
# - { username: 'user', roles: 'ROLE_PROJECT_CREATOR,ROLE_ADMIN' }
# DB
inception_project_db_as_container: True
inception_project_docker_db_node: 'localhost'
inception_project_db_image: 'mysql:5'
inception_project_db_host: 'mysql-server'
inception_project_db_port: 3306
inception_project_db_name: 'inception'
inception_project_db_user: 'inception_user'
#inception_project_db_pwd: 'set it in a vault file'
inception_project_db_volume: 'inception_db_data'
inception_project_db_constraints: 'node.labels.mysql_data==inception_project'

  - 'debug.showExceptionPage=false'
  - 'user.profile.accessible=true'
  - 'user-selection.hideUsers=false'
  - 'server.port={{ inception_project_server_port }}'
  - 'server.address={{ inception_project_server_address }}'
  - 'server.ajp.port=-1'
  - 'backup.interval={{ inception_project_backup_interval }}'
  - 'backup.keep.number={{ inception_project_backup_keep_number }}'
  - 'backup.keep.time={{ inception_project_backup_keep_time }}'
  - 'auth.mode={{ inception_project_server_auth_mode }}'
  - 'auth.preauth.header.principal={{ inception_project_server_preauth_header }}'
  - 'auth.preauth.newuser.roles={{ inception_project_server_preauth_default_roles }}'


A Docker Swarm cluster



Author Information

Andrea Dell'Amico,