Schemas of the OpenAIRE Graph main entities and the relationships among them, both internal and public (dump) definitions.
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Version Changes Readiness
2.9.23 [Graph model]
Added Instance.measures field, allowing to maintain the association between them and the individual result instance
[Dump model]
added json schemas
2.8.22 [Graph model]
minor: added serializable to the Measures model class
[Dump model]
added dedicated BestAccessRight class, used at the result level instead of AccessRight
2.8.21 [Graph model]
added the following relation terms Describes/IsDescribedBy, IsMetadataFor/IsMetadataOf, HasAssociationWith/HasAssociationWith, IsRequiredBy/Requires. All these are used in combination with the relation subRelType "relationship"
2.8.20 [Graph model]
added constants declaring the values used for hierarchical relationships among the organizations IsParentOf / IsChildOf
2.7.18-19 [Dump model]
include validation info in relations
[Graph model]
added constants declaring vocabulary names for relation fields
2.7.17 [Dump model]
aligned the graph dump schema to mirror the changes in the model
1. Added openaccessroute at the level of the instance inside the AccessRight element;
2. Added pid and the alternate identifiers at the level of the instance;
3. Added the bipFinder measures
2.7.16 [Graph model]
Updated the casing of the following terms (relation.relClass):
1. isRelatedTo -> IsRelatedTo
Added the following relClass terms:
1. IsAmongTopNSimilarDocuments
2. HasAmongTopNSimilarDocuments
2.7.15 1. added support for delegated authorities
2. fixed regex for DOI cleaning
2.7.14 [Graph model]
Relation types are now inspired by the Datacite definitions
The changes involve the values stored in relation.subRelType and relation.relClass:
Updated the casing of the following terms (relation.relClass):
1. isSupplementTo -> IsSupplementTo / isSupplementedBy -> IsSupplementedBy
2. isPartOf -> IsPartOf / hasPart -> HasPart
3. cites -> Cites / isCitedBy -> IsCitedBy
4. reviews -> Reviews / isReviewedBy -> IsReviewedBy
Added the following terms [subRelType: relClass / relClass (inverse)]:
1. relationship: References / IsReferencedBy
2. relationship: IsIdenticalTo
3. relationship: IsContinuedBy / Continues
4. relationship: IsDocumentedBy / Documents
5. relationship: Documents / IsDocumentedBy
6. relationship: IsCompiledBy / Compiles
7. version: IsPreviousVersionOf / IsNewVersionOf
8. version: IsSourceOf / IsDerivedFrom
9. version: IsVariantFormOf / IsOriginalFormOf
10. version: IsObsoletedBy / Obsoletes
11. version: IsVersionOf / HasVersion
2.6.14 [Scholexplorer]
1. Added model classes for Scholexplorer, package
2.6.13 1. Result.mergeFrom handles field dateOfAcceptance production
2.5.12 1. delegating the date parsing to production
2.5.[11-9] 1. support for more date formats
2. enable the possibility to extend the date formats used to parse Relation.validationDate
2.4.8 1. added constant for ORCID datasource name production
2.4.7 refactoring production
2.3.6 [Aggregation]
1. introduced MetadataStoreManager (MdSM) model classes
2.2.5 [Graph model]
1. introduced fields and Instance.alternateIdentifier
2. LicenseComparator renamed as AccessRightComparator
3. introduced AccessRight model class defining the OpenAccessRoute field to keep track of the OpenAccess color at the Instance level
4. ExternalReference cleanup (removed description, added alternateLabel(s))
5. added several ModelConstants
7. introduced MDStore record model classes
8. Introduced ORCID specific model classes
2.2.4 1. ORCID specific model classes backported in the version used in PROD
2. added constant for dnet:externalReference_typologies
3. added constant for ORCID datasource name
4. Result.mergeFrom handles field dateOfAcceptance