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LSmyrnaios 82bf11b9b3 - Workaround a bug of Impala-JDBC-Driver, when creating insert-prepared-statements. 1 month ago
LSmyrnaios 33ba3e8d91 - Avoid getting and uploading (to S3), full-texts which are already uploaded by previous assignments-batches. 1 month ago
LSmyrnaios dea257b87f - Fix a bug, which caused the get-full-texts request to fail, because of the wrong "requestAssignmentsCounter". 2 months ago
LSmyrnaios 780ed15ce2 - Fix a "databaseLock" bug, which could cause both the payload and attempt inserts and the "mergeParquetFiles" to fail, as the inserts could be executed concurrently with tables-compaction. 2 months ago
LSmyrnaios 983b900da7 - Add the "installAndRun.sh" script. 5 months ago
LSmyrnaios 25c566bf68 - Change server's port. 6 months ago
LSmyrnaios 87044574b5 Update dependencies and add the "gradle-wrapper.properties" file which defines the gradle version. 8 months ago