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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[v1.4.0] - [2021-10-07]

  • slow query removed from VRE retrieving and recents
  • incident #22184 solved

[v1.3.2] - [2021-09-28]

  • fix 22087

[v1.3.1] - [2021-09-08]

  • solved bug on attachment rights

[v1.3.0] - [2021-03-31]

  • possibility to impersonate people added

[v1.2.5] - [2021-03-11]

use of query (indexes are not working well in jackrabbit) to retrieve shared folder removed on delete user

[v1.2.4] - [2021-01-11]

mimetype set also on non parsable pdf

method add and remove admin on a VREFolder enabled also for admin role

fixed bug on unsharing folder on user removal

added method exist user

[v1.2.2] - [2020-10-12]

method for description update added

[v1.2.1] - [2020-06-20]

bug on Archive uploader solved

[v1.2.0] - [2020-04-15]

trash items changes owner on restore

restore with new destination folder added

move between shared and private or different shared folder enabled

[v1.0.8] - [2019-09-20]

Bug on ushare owner fixed

[v1.0.5] - [2019-04-04]

Active wait for lock in case of item creation added

[v1.0.0] - [2015-07-01]

First commit