storage-manager plugin for s3 cloud storage
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storage-manager-s3-plugin is a Java plugin of storage-manager-core library. It enables to perform CRUD operation on any S3 compliant object storage. The object-storage credentials are retrieved automatically from a gCube ServiceEndpoint with coordinates DataStorage - StorageManager.

Examples of use


Notes about how to deploy this component on an infrastructure or link to wiki doc (if any).


See storage-manager-core on Wiki.

Some notes:

  • only the CRUD operations were implemented in this version;
  • this component is a storage-manager-core plugin so it works only with the storage-manager libraries (wrapper and core): it could be loaded at runtime or it could be included in the pom as a static dependency;
  • the API are the same used for MongoDB but the new storage-manager-wrapper version (starting from 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT) contains a new constructor that permit to specify the S3 Backend as input parameter;
  • for the moment there are two different object storage that can be automatically discovered and used: "Zadara" is discovered automatically on NextNext; "VaiSulWeb" is discovered automatically on devVRE;
  • the S3 object storage is discovered automatically only if the S3 Backend is passed as input parameter;
  • if the VOLATILE memory is specified as input parameter, the storage-manager will use MongoDB Volatile area even if the S3 backend is specified as input parameter; This component can be used with storage-manager-wrapper and core starting from 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT version;