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elasticsearch_replicas: 1
postgres_service_name: 'postgresdb'
postgres_replicas: 1
postgres_conductor_db: postgres
postgres_jdbc_user: conductor
postgres_jdbc_pass: password
postgres_jdbc_db: conductor
postgres_jdbc_url: jdbc:postgresql://{{ postgres_service_name }}:5432/{{ mysql_jdbc_db }}
mysql_image_name: 'mariadb'
mysql_service_name: 'mysqldb'
mysql_replicas: 1
mysql_conductor_db: mysql
mysql_jdbc_user: conductor
mysql_jdbc_pass: password
mysql_jdbc_db: conductor
mysql_jdbc_url: jdbc:mysql://{{ mysql_service_name }}:3306/{{ mysql_jdbc_db }}?useSSL=false&allowPublicKeyRetrieval=true