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fixed project_url field and added instruction for tuning

dcore94 1 year ago
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@ -1,4 +1,29 @@
parent= {{ parent_theme }}
#parent= the parent then defaults to d4science
#titleTag= the page title is mandatory
#favicon= absolute url to favicon defaults to
#contentBgImg= relative path to bg image defaults to img/color-triangles.png
#contentStyle= define custom styles. Note: use this for overriding BG image when pointing to external resource such as background: url("https://url-of-background-img"i no-repeat center center fixed); background-size: cover;
#logoHeaderStyle= custom style for logoHeader defaults to display: flex; justify-content: space-between; width: 100%;
#logoSrc= url for logo image is mandatory
#logoAlt= alt text for logo gCubeDev Gateway
#logoStyle= custom style for logo defautls to height: 60px;
#infrastructureLogo= yes (default) if "powered for d4science has to be included". no otherwise
#infrastructureLogoStyle= custom style for infrastructureLogo defaults to height: 40px;
#footerStyle= custom style for footer defaults to: display: flex; flex-direction: column; width: 100%; padding-top: 10px;
#linkTerms= absolute url to terms of use
#linkCookies= absolute link to cookie policy
#linkPrivacy= absolute link to privacy policiy defaults to:
#linkProject= absolute link to project home site
#descrProject= description of project
#ECLogo= include EC logo defaults to no
#ECLogoStyle= custom style for EC logo defaults to max-width: 35px;
#ECLogoAlt= alt text for EC logo defaults to EU H2020 programme
#footerRow= custom HTML text for footer content
parent={{ parent_theme }}
{% if styles is defined and styles %}
styles={{ styles }}
@ -40,7 +65,7 @@ linkCookies={{ cookie_policy_url }}
linkPrivacy={{ privacy_policy_url }}
{% endif %}
linkProject={{ project_url}}
linkProject={{ project_url }}
descrProject={{ project_description }}
ECLogo={{ EC_logo }}