Accounting Dashboard is a tool for monitoring and displaying statistical data concerning the D4Science Infrastructure
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<Changeset component="org.gcube.portlets.user.accounting-dashboard.1-2-1"
<Change>Updated to support new detachedres-library [#19440]</Change>
<Change>Disabled Zoom for charts [#19161]</Change>
<Changeset component="org.gcube.portlets.user.accounting-dashboard.1-2-0"
<Change>Updated export csv support with Firefox and Safari [#18034]</Change>
<Change>Added Core Services support [#18291]</Change>
<Change>Added Detached REs support [#18815]</Change>
<Change>Added the alphabetical sorting of tabs [#18754]</Change>
<Change>Added TOC menu in reports [#18753]</Change>
<Changeset component="org.gcube.portlets.user.accounting-dashboard.1-1-0"
<Change>Updated to support accounting data visualization at the
infrastructure level [#17847]</Change>
<Changeset component="org.gcube.portlets.user.accounting-dashboard.1-0-0"
<Change>First Release</Change>