This component is a Liferay 6.2.6 CE Hook which customises (custom JSPs) the Liferay Dockbar (top bar) adding the Dashboard Icon, Workspace, Catalogue etc.

Updated 11 months ago

StorageHub Client Wrapper (java library) allows you to interact with StorageHub in a simplified way by exposing several methods and utilities

Updated 6 months ago

This component is a Liferay 6.2.6 CE Porlet which interacts with workspace and social service to gather usage statistics (e.g. disk space in use, number of posts etc.)

Updated 2 months ago

Workspace Portlet is a web-gui to manage the gCube workspace

Updated 1 month ago

Workspace Explorer is a widget that allows access and interaction with the D4Science StorageHub.

Updated 9 months ago

Workspace Sharing Widget is a widget that allows the sharing of items present in the D4Science Workspace.

Updated 11 months ago

This is a library to execute Data Miner's algorithms from gCube Workspace

Updated 8 months ago

The Workspace Tree Widget is a widget to navigate and interact with gCube Workspace

Updated 1 month ago

Workspace Uploader Widget allows you to upload your files in the gCube Workspace

Updated 1 year ago

Workspace Widget Portlet is a small Front-end component looking like G Drive which exposes the content of the user's workspace or VRE Folders in read only mode.

Updated 4 months ago

A widget to execute Data Miner's Algorithms from gCube Workspace

Updated 12 months ago

gCube ws-thredds-sync-widget is a widget to use and interact with ws-thredds facility through the Workspace

Updated 6 months ago