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Konstantinos Triantafyllou 3534471c8c Remove disable-sortable from sortable.css 1 year ago
button.css [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Search input button change font size 2 years ago
card.css Card overlay change background 1 year ago
dropdowns.css [Monitor Dashboard]: 1. Finish manage stakeholders. 2. Remove logos. 2 years ago
input.css [Library | Trunk] 2 years ago
main.css [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: 1. Indicator pages changes. 2. fix create new topic bug. 2 years ago
notification.css [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Move notification css to library 2 years ago
sortable.css Remove disable-sortable from sortable.css 1 year ago
structure.css [Dashboard Theme | Trunk]: Remove fs-modall csss 2 years ago
tabs-pills.css [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Change sidebar and tabs-pills opacity from 0.5 to 0.8 2 years ago
text.css [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Add some css for notifications and texts. 2 years ago
variables.css [Dashbpard | Theme]: Move global variables to library 2 years ago