This repository contains software modules specific for the AriadnePlus Project
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Enrico Ottonello fbe8af26fa sparql insert for NIAM 1 year ago
enrich sparql insert for NIAM 1 year ago
01_insert_defaults_for_collection_template.sparql added has_temporal_coverage default as not provided for all ads collection, because of is a mandatory field for the query 2 years ago
02_inherit_from_collection_template.sparql fix HNM periodo graph creation with all needed information, fix HNM periodoplus graph creation retrieving from/until date in year format; 858 sparql insert queries 2 years ago
03_insert_defaults_for_record_template.sparql added ns declaration in template; enriched query for 1091 collection 2 years ago
04_insert_AAT_enrichment_template.sparql added comments 2 years ago
05_insert_periodo_enrichment_template.sparql fixed SPARQL INSERT for PeriodO enrichment 2 years ago
check_missing_mandatory_coll_fields.sparql added has_temporal_coverage check 2 years ago
check_missing_mandatory_record_fields.sparql added check on record mandatory field place_name 2 years ago
collection_to_records_data.sparql added response code from es; added sparql insert for copying ariadne_subject value into collection for ads; fix sparql insert for copying collection data into records, collection id condition is needed 2 years ago
gen_aatplus_graph.sparql added sparql query folder 2 years ago
gen_periodoplus_graph.sparql added sparql query folder 2 years ago
insert_ads_ariadne_subject.sparql need to add info from the collSubjects graph -- ARIADNE subject and collection id 2 years ago
read_collection_data_template.sparql has_native_period section set optional because of notprovided case 2 years ago
read_record_data_template.sparql replaced test record identifier with the original placeholder %record ... 2 years ago